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  • By older ruby do you mean the version i would be running (2012 files). Thanks for looking into that, i will download the map and have a go, if no joy guess i will be waiting for ices updated ruby files. Appreciate your help mate.
    Oh thats why I cant find it on any posts then! That would be awesome if you have a chance thanks

    In the above link Smaviddavid has a snow map that i cannot find in my maps. The only snow town i could find was literally a small 100 x 100 ish town with water surrounding.
    I have all the other swamp maps and ice dungeons was only the snow province looking map i was after to make an entrance to the ice dungeon. Have a ruby server up an running me an a mate play. We loved mir2 forever and when that shut down decided to do one for ourselves.
    Hey Ard, was wondering if you could help. The ice map that you and smavid david were talking about along with the swamp map. Do you know if you can get the ice map on ruby files and if so what the map no. Is, I have the tiny snow map but that one is a lot bigger!
    Only the old sense . ,I want to know if it is he doing fine ^ ^ . ,, The Legend of Mir if : Did Mashi operation of Heroes source korea interface ? ,, And The Legend of Mir recently : and then try to fix the work back and forth does not have information too though it Heroes source studying , but will send a message along with the Let's received once the source Somerset client if Macabre very Genchan . ,It is possible to seek ask ? ,, The mail is ([email protected]).
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