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  • It`s obvious the rules here at LOMCN have been bent.

    Robert states it`s because the server didn`t look like it was going to stay online long (How he can justify this i have no idea) and this is why it was deleted from the forums, If this is the case check OldSkool out, shouldn`t this be deleted aswell ?

    cba ne more

    cba ne more
    [IMG] PureOldSkool [IMG]
    Server God..

    sick of all the **** i have to put up with

    u wont do this cause of donaters

    donater this, donater that

    blah balh

    u know what, **** u, if the server is so ****, then it can stay offline


    Join Date: May 2008
    Posts: 1,067

    [IMG] Servers up, and i aint takin no more crap
    Im sick of it, and ion all honesty, theres no reason why i should have to put up with such **** i get frm ppl

    so form now on, yes, im gonan be a complete ****, and if u give me **** im just gonna ban u, i aint even gonna give a u time, it'll just be till i feel like unbannin u.

    this doesnt meant you wont be able to post ur opinions, but postin stuff which has been disgused, for example donations, will piss me off, and the tone u use aswell

    so, druss, danny, kingcobra, and a few others... just quit the game now as we all know ur just gonan end up banned unless u change ur attitude towards me.

    goin bed nn

    Surely if MeriToRious is banned so should OldSkool aswell, also excepting £200 donations o.0
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