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  • Hello, I'm very bold to send you this email. I hope I don't disturb you. I am a fan of mir2. I like chronicle server very much, but it seems that GM has abandoned it. I have many ideas about server. I am a Chinese GM. I want to import chronicle to China. Let the Chinese experience it. I hope you can help me. I can buy it, or I can listen to you. If you see the email, please reply to me. Thank you very much.
    sorry to ask but when is the acerm2 server files be ready to down load as the heroe ones are dead
    HI miloo
    need some help with hero server files... if you can add me on skype: nicolo.steffe
    thanks in advance
    Milo with every update you do, what do you have to patch your files with? Which .exes
    Just curious, but whenever i make a new char on the hero files the chars always start with 10/100 experience, how do i change it too start with no experience? It's really bugging me lol
    Can you have a proper look into my account being banned as Tim didnt ddos he doesnt know how... just spoke with him, only thing I can think is because he connected using that other servers exe (1 heros server runs on exe from 25th one from 31th of jan. Or might not even be his IP can you check the IP is linked to my account? /JOHNBARNY
    if you do not have much work you can read my post please, thanks in advance.
    Did you manage to look at that Envir i sent over? I got all the provinces done now with most the npc's working. Just making sure that the NPCs have the right Appr and then im gunna try rewrite the moverooting script for teleporters.

    For the sake of players wanting Mir2 maps i've started putting m3 at the end of all the mir3 maps (Caves, Temples and most the clashing mapnames). Isn't that bad too do since ive already got the mapinfo fully done (Coordinates n all) Just renaming the mapfile itself :P. So i should have that fully done near end of week.

    P.S - 1060 doesnt work for my bichon wall minimap ? altho im using the fmmap supplied.
    Sorry to hastle mate, having trouble finding a working download link for a decent set of the JOB files or anything thats been translated, could you hook me up ?
    Mate i was wondering about the mir3 / mir2 map support on the hero files....

    i wanted to get a nice set of maps without any clashes, so i've gone ahead and deleted all the mir2 maps (for now) besides the BSR and new sabuk maps. What set of mir3 files what u say is best to use for the mapinfo / maps. I know some maps will be buggy but getting a full mapinfo ready to work on seems the best way to go (Alongside all the new NPC's)

    New mongchong now has all NPC'S aswell as inside the buildings. I got a few npc's on the mir3 bichon map and decided to make Sabukwall (mir3 style) into castle Gi-ryonng, seems to suit tbh since the shanda mongchong map wud be thrown aside ...

    Anyways, what mir3 serverfiles would you say is best to start from?
    Good time of day.
    Please help, we have recently shut down the server mir2 - link to website
    Although online and we had a small, but still want to play, nostalgia for the game ...
    I downloaded your build server Mirserver 2.3 CLEAN - My TD Based.
    But it does not fit our client - a reference to the client
    Client in Russian, though not completely translated, but still satisfy our needs.
    I beg you to help run the server mir2, so like most lack the knowledge in this area ...
    If it is possible with the Russian language, and under our customer ..
    Translated by google translate does not swear much ...
    I would be very grateful
    Specified by the assembly shook his clients, but he was no killer character
    If you can how to administer the server
    Hello, may I ask how the progress under your kind? So the code supports SDO problems old and new maps!
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