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  • sorry to be a pest but im trying to set up a sever and i get this : Windows socket error: The requested address is not valid in its context (10049), on API 'bind'

    any iders m8?
    Hey you will need to speak to iceman for the ip and stuff im hardly on the test server
    cant find a decent translator or owt =-/ i no the kssn n names work cus i can get by that bit :P
    i have real kssn's n names just cant work out the next bit on registration, if u help me out i could get few ppl to join ya guild :P
    yo m8

    av got a acc on korean mir n just started playin it but i got a couple of m8s interested in playin n makin a english guild on there, any idea how i can make them a acc on it m8?
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