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  • Oh fair enough. Looks like i will have to stick with the small snow town for the time being then until a newer ruby update is available. Thanks for looking into it for me appreciate it
    The maps are called White Village and don't show in older Ruby.
    That's not to say they couldn't, with a lot of work.
    That map is a newish release on official Korean. Not sure if I got it working or not.
    It has multiple tents a bit like one on past bichon.

    If I get a few mins, I'll try it to see.

    Was looking for the snow map as Smaviddavids world map on the link above. The only snow map i had was a small maybe 100 x 100 sized map that was only a town with water surrounding it. Have seen chronicles have a huge snow province too. Have got all other swamp maps and ice dungeons.
    Only one that me and a mate play loved mir2 forever and when that shut we did our own. Just wanted to add a place for the ice dungeon to come from but the snow town is a bit small.....
    Which ice map do you mean ?
    There's a winterland map and then there's the ICE part of Hell caves. These are all usable in old Ruby.
    I'm not sure what swamp map you mean either. There are 3 or 4 swamp maps that were accessible via an NPC in Sabuk Wall only for wall holders. Again, these maps work fine with Ruby.
    Do you operate a Ruby server ?
    Sorry I'm actually not that fluent with setting up the Ruby server files. You are best off waiting for a response from LCD
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