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  • Rob... you live in middleton-on-sea?!?!?! bognor much? SCUM!! hahaha, West worthing FTW.
    hi was wondering if you could change my name to Irónman, i havtn been on locmcn for years and was wondering why im banned
    hi , i believe i have recieved an unfair infraction. Could you please look into it as i believe my post was not spam
    Hey pal, can you check Forum Questions/Bugs section dont know if you've notice but forum is acting up lately..


    What you done is wrong he made up the disputes with Paypal with the intention of conning me.
    The £350 has gone towards a dedicated host in the UK i will send you all the reciepts if you wish to see them.
    I am not Daydie and i am not in it for the money though some people may say different, but you know what some people are like on this forum.
    A dedicated host based in the UK is alot more expensive than US companys when he made this offer i accepted on behalf of the future of the server.
    If this was a court dispute i would of been let of lightly for pleading guilty.
    Anyway if you wish to see any reciepts or if your even remotely intrested let me now and i will forward all to you also i can send you the disputes what he made with Paypal where he tried to con me, this is the reason he was banned from the server.


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