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    Left for dead fans

    I have them all on PC, not sure if XBox is any different. It's also much easier on keyboard and mouse imo :P One of my all time favourite games :D I dont have them all for L4D2 though yet. But I havent played it anywhere near as much either
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    pretty sure the facebook page is one of arcadia's main contact hubs. I don't think we're allowed to share the links here though.
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    Release Korean Mir 2 Armours

    I got a checksum error when exporting, 64.lib in CArmour was the only file i had issues with. It says the file is corrupt and doesn't export. It may need recompressing?
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    Artificial Mir 2 - Discussion Thread

    Best solution i think is if you put it in standard windowed mode at 1280x720, then press alt + enter in-game and it will force fullscreen at that resolution
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    Other Artificial Legend of Mir 2 - Phoenix Server

    The server is now LIVE!
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    Yea I put a post on the website with a bit more info just yesterday. We're hoping just another 6-10 weeks which is definitely on the lower end of my original estimates. We think sooner may actually be possible on the current files, but are flirting the possibility (please dont hold me to this!)...
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    Request Map name for those 2 buildings please.

    Try these: Those are the old Ginko buildings (most 1.4 clients should have them)
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    EuroReborn (Custom Crystal)

    Awesome, love it! Also ty for the consideration, either way I'm sure we'll both do well ^^ gj man
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    Away from Mir for 12 years...

    Yea chronicals is good for the original Mir play style, arti is a rebuild of the original game but it's more up to date and includes features considered controversial here. Depends what your after I think it's a good time for old school players to be returning, lots of good servers on the horizon :D
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    Had some login issues earlier - we think we've solved them. The server was rebooted with updates about an hour ago, we may reboot once more again tonight for another round of fixes (we'll see).
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    EuroReborn (Custom Crystal)

    I love the upscaled images, looks nice ^_^ Looks great both of u
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    We've got some fixes for some of these coming soon - just don't really want to reboot the server right now if we can help it. All valid issues we're tracking - hopefully, we can get it patched soon!
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    Secure accounts primarily (Encrypted and Single sign-on). Also links game and website servers and allows us to authenticate against our new issues tracking service. Cool stuff!
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    Ok mate, thanks going to look into it, will give you an update once I know more
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    should hopefully see something like this - make sure u register through website - not ingame!