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  • Hey Andy, why would Nulls be a bad thing in TBL_stditems and monsters?? they are in mine big time

    stuck agan, been a while off mir3, am rusty as hell. thx just seen my login for skype hehe tyhx nico
    Hey Andrew I added you and Scott to my Skype jeffrey.fuller1978 let me know you 2 when i can contact yas need a bit of help Last chance at CD 3.55 its a dam good 1 stuck at last gate, cant enter game, nil error request remote assistance plzzzz
    yeah im gonna sort my kings out soon had to take a unexpected break from them will deal with em soon tho i got a few mods i wanna do to them
    m8 need yur msn and contact info, might think of hosting too. no isp probs, and thinking about doing a server agan Are yur king files yours mapls, or azuras all servers with azura say inferno,, Kings neways. [email protected]..
    m8 need you to look at some screenie for me plz. And tell what you think as aGM , and programmer. Want to learn how it happens. And no never could get files together in beta.
    Ok, I thought you needed a CMList.dat with king files, might be wrong though. Maybe worth asking Kyeron as he was using King files for a while.
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