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  1. sweetfa

    What are you listening to

  2. sweetfa

    OS Version Poll

    Was using Dos and windows 3.1 Untill windows 10 came along
  3. sweetfa

    I'm done

    i was also wondering that i need to know im errmm asking for a friend! (thats a lie i have no friends )
  4. sweetfa

    I'm done

    Speaking from experience???
  5. sweetfa

    I'm done

    Please tell me this is a late April fools joke. Please!
  6. sweetfa

    Rest in peace to a legend!

    This sad sad news =[ My condolences to his friends and family
  7. sweetfa

    New stance on cheats etc

    I have been here 20 years..Thats a long time. Reading through this really makes me sad =[ We used to be a close'ish community but it doesnt feel like that right now everyone just take a deep breath ans stop for a few mins
  8. sweetfa

    Sandwiches 🥪

    My fave sandwich is fresh bread (i always make my own bread) buttered with real butter thinly sliced jalapenos and sliced tomatos then sliced mature chedar cheese on top of that. Then slightly melt the cheese so everything stays in place. Little bit of mayo and done!! God damn thats a nice samich
  9. sweetfa

    New stance on cheats etc

    You shouldnt be policing the "Cheaters" That is the job of the server owners really. If they cant be bothered doing it then thats on them. Labeling some one a cheater on here does nothing really as there are no restrictions/punishments other than the label. They can still go onto servers and...
  10. sweetfa

    [1.9] HEY (wave) ... Lets go.

  11. sweetfa

    What game are you currently playing on?

    what mod pack? Me and my wife and a friend have a plexiglass mountain server running
  12. sweetfa

    What game are you currently playing on?

    minecraft =P
  13. sweetfa

    Old Mir's

    Oo Hello stranger
  14. sweetfa

    Where is it all going wrong?

    i like these ideas.. i think this could lead to something GREAT!!! Sanj you could implement this into you labor of love!!
  15. sweetfa

    Are power banks worth it?

    I know this is probably not even close to what you are thinking about but i shall say it anyway Do not be tempted to buy a petrol generator as the power fluxuates on most to a damaging level for laptops sometimes .They do have their uses but not for PC Hardware
  16. sweetfa

    Where is it all going wrong?

    even the original FOH had its main pkers back in the day. Like euro days....Sigh that takes me so far back to when i was an old man....Oh wait.....
  17. sweetfa

    New Year, New Staff

    Its ok Jev we need you here ;P
  18. sweetfa

    Where is it all going wrong?

    First of all only polite answers pleas no bitchfesting allowed. So i have been here over 20 years now on this my only account. I know i dont have a high post count and that is mainly down to me only wanting to post where i see fit. Despite this i have always been here reading and watching...
  19. sweetfa

    Just won on £5 scratch card

    Woot happy christmas :) Have you spent less then £50 on scratchcards since they came out?
  20. sweetfa

    How much do you charge for change engine oil message?

    Changing Tyres yourself is not really something i would recomend you do yourself (Or do you mean changing the wheels? ) Changing the wheels (rims) is really easy just make sure you use the correct jack points. As mir2pion said always put a block or a brick of some sort behind the wheel to...