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  1. Any lovers of the Star Wars games out there?

    I didn't realise they did a dark forces 2. I played the first one. Tie fighter wars, rebel assault 1&2. This era I have only played battlefront 2 which for a console FPS I really enjoyed. Not actually a huge Star Wars fan, but some of the games are very good
  2. [Suggestion] Bringing new life to a dying game! Future Features

    One of the few games that could of done with staying out of the community's hands. The expectation of mir has changed drastically over the years. I don't need to argue the case because the numbers speak for themselves. Can't tell me it's a time thing too when RuneScape still pops. Eventually you...
  3. Which games have your favourite soundtrack?

    ff7/ff8 driver series (cop chases in different areas) early tomb raider gta3/vc/sa rdr 1&2 silent hill 2 thps 1-3 fifa 98
  4. What game are you currently playing on?

    PUBG, RDR2(when the launcher works) are my current games
  5. Best characters in final fantasy

    Surprised not to see Sephiroth yet.. Edea (disc 1/2) (VIII) Diablos (VIII) - Summon Vincent Valentine (VII) honourable : Malboro
  6. Grand Theft Auto

    Eh... i personally think V is overrated and the worst one. Car physics / pedestrians / fighting are a lot worse than 4 imo, I did not enjoy V at all compared to GTA3, VC, SA, and IV.
  7. Is Mir about to Die?

    Would you be all in though really? without having catch-up mechanics, 100% successful refines, no flinch.. whatever other snowflake sh*t that has been implemented in these servers in recent years, Im not convinced. I dont mean to attack you, but this goes for 90% of the community honestly. You...
  8. Is Mir about to Die?

    4 years and counting. Don't think im expecting to play again :ROFLMAO: If a server doesn't aim to survive for 5-10 years. What is the point in the server at all, to last a year like every server i have witnessed from great distance in the last 4-5+ years. You guys went down a massive rabbit hole...
  9. Is Mir about to Die?

    Nice! I didn't realise i needed you to speak for me. :rolleyes: Not everyone back in euro had all the free time to level either, I don't get this illusion where now.. all of a sudden no one has free time. Your practically adding to your own confusion. Too slow to level and no one has the free...
  10. Any real demand for Mir 2 anymore? What we had vs What we have

    Unfortunately this is the way of the gamer these days. You don't have to level long to reach end game on any game i can think of in this day and age, IIRC i don't think anyone hit the level cap atleast on Mir 3 Ignis. It's sort of dumb to reach end game early with no content afterwards but it...
  11. Buying a server?!

    "I am a player since 15+ years" - nice, i played on day 1 which is what 18 years now?, if years mean anything "We can't attract all players that's impossible" - you probably will attract only a handful if your lucky (meaning if its low rate, people are too infected with high rate garbo. "There...
  12. Buying a server?!

    Then they are back to square one with a **** - dead server. You will get people wanting a catch up mechanic among other things and its just a big fat mess. The problem with old games people attempt to implement different gameplay features into a game where either the engine does not support it...
  13. Old Mir 3 many years ago..

    The lack of replys says it all. sad times.
  14. Global MIR3

    What more content are you after? do you want someone to whip up fresh content out of thin air? when there has barely been any made, that are compatible in the last 20 years. Problem with these pussy levelling rates, you get to be max level early, then all the endgame is done with, now you pvp...
  15. [GSP] Gelu Mir3 - Nostalgic Feel

    Sold! I will happily play a glitchy MIR3 gsp rather than have a current mir3 server on my computer.. or external hdd.
  16. Can somebody make a gsp server?

    where can i get this client from? i search for ice&fire on forum but nothing.
  17. Mir III SEA - Eden [Discussion]

    That would be considered an event if the server was truly low rate, sadly you have been spoilt by every server that has existed in the last few years, with what is apparently low rate (really isn't) - evidently shown from the number of servers, quick to fill up, just as quick to die when a new...
  18. Can somebody make a gsp server?

    George is not impressed with current mir 3 servers
  19. Can somebody make a gsp server?

    Ice&fire still up? GM is so inactive. I'd wait a month to recover my account 🤮 I'd still play it though.
  20. [Zircon] Ben's Mir3 - Discussion

    To be honest, I'm not looking for any respect (quite clearly if you read my previous posts) However i can see my laughing may seem like a personal attack to your server. I can reassure you now, that i am not just targeting your server, i am more laughing at the state of all MIR3 / zircon...