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  1. evilzach

    Avoid (Custom Medium Server) Inferno Mir 2

    Was it supposed to be live @7pm ?
  2. evilzach

    Legend of Mir 3 Global - Discussion

    Wouldn't bother with this server he already deleted the discord twice previously because he does not like feedback from players and chose not to listen to bug reports ect be lucky if server lasts long enough to see the first planned update.
  3. evilzach

    Server of the Year 2021

    Cheeky Vimto's xtreme phoenix mir 3 server may not have the greatest usercount but it is a very unique server and deserves recognition for the time and work that has been done on it.
  4. evilzach

    Mir III SEA - Eden [Discussion]

    Good server but downside is 90% of items on player market are selling for gamegold and not gold.
  5. evilzach

    Mir III SEA - Eden [Discussion]
  6. evilzach

    [Help] Kings assasin binaries

    Have you looked on here?
  7. evilzach


    I would be down to play :)
  8. evilzach

    [Tutorial] Script Lessons

    Anyone have a working link?
  9. evilzach

    [Zircon] Kraken - Discussion

    That's a bit harsh dont like it dont play simple really
  10. evilzach

    Questing, is it a big deal?

    Quality over quantity always like seeing new ideas when it comes to quests can be off putting when you see the same generic quests on every server.
  11. evilzach

    [Zircon] Kraken - Discussion

    Looking good nice and detailed advertisement 👍
  12. evilzach

    [Help] Question about private server

    Probably Go with mir2 as there seems to be alot more resources available
  13. evilzach

    [Help] Question about private server

    As far as adding content maps mobs ect is it the same process for both zircon and crystal?.Dont have any experience working with either id like to eventually have something like oldskool type of setup.
  14. evilzach

    [Help] Question about private server

    I am planning to create a personal server for myself that I can learn how to add things content ect when I need to and always have plenty to do. So I'd just like to know which is easier to work with for a beginner zircon or crystal files and if you have any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  15. evilzach

    Why Do you Quit?

    For me the problem lies within server longevity whenever i find a server that i like it dissapears within a few months which in turn puts me off trying new servers.
  16. evilzach

    [Approved] OldSkool [Crystal] Discussion

    Any way to get this in fullscreen 1920x1080 windows 10 ?
  17. evilzach

    [Release] Heroes Rise - Server Files

    Same here
  18. evilzach

    [Approved] OldSkool [Crystal] Discussion

    Server ad says start level 1 but when i make a char im level 150?
  19. evilzach

    Another mir game on steam
  20. evilzach

    The Kingdom Of Heroes [Crystal] Discussion

    The Journey Begins Quest 3 is Bugged says it's complete but cant hand in quest.Actually no im stupid XD