Picking a good Server team

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Jul 12, 2003
North Wales
Just a few tips on makign a good server team.

1) Make sure u actually know these ppl beofre u hire them :P. Make sure they are reliable and trustworthy. It would be quite handy to live near them aswell.

2) When looking for a host, try and see if any of your close m8s can do it, this will make it alot easier to keep the server up. Other wise look for sum1 who has experience hosting servers so they wont knick ure files.

3) For people like Map makers, make sure they are avaliable most times if you are wanting more maps.

4) Make sure you advertise your server well in advance of the server opening. Nothing is worse than pouring your heart and soul into a server, opening it then finding out that no1 enjoys it. Also tellign people what is in your server might help, as they may give suggestions on how to improve it before you get it up and running.

5) Updates are vital when and before the server is up. Keeping the players informed of events will make it alot more easier for players and stop people asking loads of questions.

6) Get a forum ready so you can keep all your information there such as Ip, status and downloads.

7) Try and get a few Helper Gms if there isnt enough in the team. Make sure they have had some sort of experience in Gming. Try and get to see them in action on a diff server they might be a Gm on. This will help prevent corruption.

8) Do some tests with a few players before you get it up, this might fidn a few bugs that you can fix before it goes public.

9) this is just a little check list lol.... Make sure you have...

A host
Map Maker
NPC Maker
Event Maker
Item Maker
Weapon Maker
Helper Gms

Alot of them you might be able to do yourself such as Advertiser//Map maker//Item maker for example.

This is just alittle help for people who havnt released a server before.

Hope this helps.
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