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This is a guide for using the 'Account' tab on the Server (server.exe). For a guide on creating an account in game, please use Account Creation

Basic Information

Account options can be found after running the server.exe and clicking on the account tab located near the top of the server window. In this section you can

  • Create new accounts
  • Manage current account (including deleting)
  • Ban users (for any amount of time) and give a reason

Available Options

Accounts Screen
Reference Description
1 You can create accounts yourself within the server, as opposed to doing so through the ingame create account options. Note: Clicking on this adds a new account to section 3 and you then click on it to edit the settings. The settings are edited in the bottom half of the screen.
2 A quick filter for account finding. Account ID is the login username, player is by character name. Refresh starts the search, and match filter when ticked means it will provide only results that match exactly (if ticked, searching for WarGod would NOT provide results for wargod for example, only LITERAL matches)
3 This is the overview of accounts in your server. Filter results will appear here, and you can click on an account line to highlight it. Highlighting it brings up the account specific in the bottom half of the screen (section 4). Nothing can be edited here, its only a preview of account and a means of 'selecting' it
4 The main section, and where all account settings are edited/created.
  • Account ID: The account username - Entered on client login screen
  • Administrator Tick Box: Whether this account, and all characters within it, are GM's. Ticked = On
  • Password: The account password - Entered on client login screen
  • User Name: The name of the accounts owner - Entered on account creation screen in game
  • Birth Date: Users date of birth - Entered on account creation screen in game
  • Question: The 'secret question' user chose - Entered on account creation screen in game
  • Answer: The answer to users secret question - Entered on account creation screen in game
  • Email Address: Users email address - Entered on account creation screen in game
  • Creation IP: The IP address of the users connection when they created their account via the game client
  • Creation Date: The date user created their account
  • Last IP: The IP address used during the users last play session (login)
  • Last Date: The date of the users last play session (login)
5 The ban section. Note that the button dont open anything, just add time to the expiry.
  • Ban Reason: Enter a reason the player was banned. This text will appear in a popup when the banned user tries to log in to their account
  • Expiry Date: For manual entry of when the users ban will end. Clicking any of the button below will automatically fill change this date to whatever time frame you have chosen.
  • Banned Tick Box: Simple tick box displaying whether user is banned, or not banned. Ticked = Banned