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  • Hey Rip, I heard about u were busy on a server again! Would love to see a server of u comming online again, played since mir2-net which was the best GAME ever in my oppinion, been around from Diablo to World of Warcraft... but your servers just always had that special feeling! Would love to get that feeling back.

    Kind Regards

    sal,as avea o rugaminte la putea sa ma ajuti sa fac propriul meu servar,poti sa imi spui ce trebuie sa fac pls?
    would you be willin to work on the 2.6 files for our server and are main server gm "kingdomgm" is willing to pay each week for the bug fixs we wanna try keep up with that kyn whos helpin iecman so we can get our server going again. it is based on euro lowrate style but with added things to come i will give u main gms msn so u can talk to him more about it thanks for your time.
    [email protected]
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