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  1. Server of the Year 2021

    Yup, same here, Zed did a great Job. Vote for ZenX
  2. [Zircon] iNfamous Mir3 [Discussion]

    Tbh it's the funniest "med rate" server since months. Really good,enjoyin it.
  3. Any Highrate servers online?

    Hi Domi. Atm there are only 2 high/med rate servers open. Eden , Moonx Mfg :)
  4. MoonX Mir 3 Discussion

    yes. Sad but true. Server is almost dead.
  5. MoonX Mir 3 Discussion

    Like all before me said -Server was ok before strange nerfs/changes. If gms want to run it a bit longer than 1 -2 months it needs asap a wipe. Warrior is tbh weaker as its described in the 1st post. Sin took his job as tanker. Im a war player so it's another nonwar-server. I wont comment the...
  6. Evolution Mir 3 King Version

    cant log in :(
  7. Evolution Mir 3 King Version

    works fine with DgVoodoo / Wrapper but missing itemnames on ground. Dunno if this could be fixed.
  8. Evolution Mir 3 King Version

    server is down :(
  9. RageOfGods - High Rate

    after extractin the rog archive , it says holley file got virus.
  10. New Server Legend Of Mir3 KING!!

    could u at least answer about the server ? says offline for me since 6 hrs
  11. New Server Legend Of Mir3 KING!!

    Server offline ?
  12. Sting3G - 3.55 Discussion

    ugh. Never played this before :P Any tips for start ? Caves etc
  13. Few testers needed

    same here :) never played this before.
  14. Unseen Serpent Mir 3 GSP

    I hope this server is a joke. No content , but Wecash donations added. Pff