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  • Can you delete some of chewitts pms? I can't pm him lol, left a message on my profile telling him to delete some pms, he said he has but he hasnt!
    No no no, he's Ben's new bitch Kieran I've told you all this before!

    P.S Kieran... wanna "lend" me your account again? ;D
    Well it's scary how much time i spent on 4h forums tbh, whenever i opened my browser, i opened 4h and then without knowing 2hours later I realise like 'omg i wanted to watch soandso on the iplayer not go on 4h'. Plus i lent kori my acc and he got it bandz0r :(
    Hhhhh idm. I actually want a really high -rep as it makes me look cool! Just I don't wanna get it from that mask faggot :(

    From an irishman, sure! And ffs get a mic you silly jew
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