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  • Seeming you band me someone e was loged on me and gave hero my luck6 dc+ 3 royal blades that’s theft I want them recalled let’s see you do that??. And I also want my account in band as I did nothing wrong. And the warr as it’s not even my account or u gona punish them aswell 😂😂
    Dear Diablo,

    i open cheat once and apocalypse talked to me said to me that i have just once chance not to open any cheat agian and i accept and i dont open it agian

    and u ban me perm
    so can u bk my acc pls?
    i dont open it since lasttime when apocalypse talked to me

    it's Varda
    sry to bother u mate can u take a look at my comment on server. on the last page. thanx. havok
    Are you going to get Oasis back online, or have u still got the DB + server files? i would love to have them :P if u dont mind <DevilKnight From oasis / Shaun
    well i am going to bed now please contact me through this forum as im usually on when you are asleep thanks
    Have you got a link for the spawn files ot get your mobs spawnind plz if you have pm me thanks
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