LOMCN Awards 2019: Winners



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Apr 17, 2015
The only crazy potential is from Valk that's all I know and care for (great work from him and his work horses), Gz for primordial though keeping the LoM veterans entertained.

I dun really care what some people wanted from Valk v1, as someone who played it everyday and was in the loop on pretty much everything it was turning very sour and there was no new growth for the server due to their only being certain things you should do (world bosses, lvling in ZT + rest xp issues). The balancing and unlimited lvling was also becoming a huge problem, tbh it was an outrageously slow fix to wizzies shield (it was broken and main wizzies or people alting was the main source of money making), not to mention alt guilds holding masses of sun potions you mail to urself.

The 2 main guilds were dieing competively and then nobody cared too much then after that, the new continent added in as an "emergency fix to end the boredom" did barely anything.

After a good bit of testing and feedback (especially from me as I'm a picky bastard, I'll bore anyone to death with Taoist talk too) Valk V2 is going to hit hard, again, we have some major jelly over it's potential. I've grown tired of how a lot of you guys stick to the basics and the basic rulesets of LoM and how you've cock ridden Jamie so hard when his attitude and approach to some aspects has been fuking horrendous, anyone with a bit of sense knows there is far worse than Valk (as Piff1 mentioned), Yip ;p

I'm also going to add how much bloody effort was put into sorting out Rest XP + among other things, that discord and the amount of trash PM's coming his way was fricking crazy and I had a lot of sh1t as Admin, I barely messaged Valk due to respect of how much trash he was getting from certain members of the community over skills/drops whatever, that server was jammed and it was a fuking majorly good job from him with all the unique things he added into the server.

Roll on V2 for the future of Mir and the salt that is going to come with it, I do enjoy the banter, most of the time ;)

Yea you summed it up pretty much spot on, was just the little things he did like using a brand new image for poison cloud and how it expanded etc, every item had a description but like you said content ran dry as ****, was just ZT, ZT, Tt for Ryu, rotate bosses, ZT, ZT, Other cave was just way to hard like Lynx etc, needed more balance between caves, Grove was way to hard to solo so all these caves just never got used unless people grouped up, which they was sick of after doing the grove quests i guess xD lol


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Jun 4, 2018
Ppl have to appreciate the time GMs put in to some servers before its Live...naming items locations is one of them I agree.

I’m so particular that naming just 1 place can give me a headache back and forth sometimes until it’s perfect for what I want.

Credit to any custom server that sticks real effort into custom content 👍🏻

Im going the extra mile to implement a story that has hundreds of scripted NPCs all over MirWorld that could go unnoticed...either or, they are there for anyone who likes getting into a plot/story
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