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Mar 11, 2020
with the release of Zircon files "mega thank you to jamie"

We would like to introduce the return of Olymp

A brief history of Olymp, it all started in 2001 when TritoN brought Olymp to life in the MSRF version of mir3, in 2004 switched over to the JoB Version hitting 250+ users, server
went under another major version shift in 2010 to 3.55 version of mir3 were the user count was still strong with 100+(when Triton handed the project over to myself and 2 others
but shortly we managed to keep the user count steady to late 2015 when we reached a limit no more could be added so we decided to close the server in 2016. but we made a promise to the players Olymp would return when newer files with no limitations were released and now here we are honoring that promise !

A little video we made
(using some of original mir3 EI video)
Discord link here https://discord.gg/xEyCU6h
Server is now accessible for testing stages if people would like to help out testing

Here is some of the stuff we have changed/added

Custom Exp table - (around the medium rate exp lower tier)
New aggro System to enhance group play
Total re balancing of all classes
job/3g maps both are used
complete custom items db made
New refine system
New item level up system
Emblems with glows that change colour with element type
A lot of the spells and ability's returned to how they was on old mir3
Bosses unique AI ability's to give much more challenge
Pk death drop always on, no way to turn off how its meant to be
Old Hermit System
Element attack/defense reworked
Pigs and stats reworked for balance
Custom Hp and mana pools for balance
Old Rose system
Curse system back added so when pk you can curse again

Snow Tower (custom maze added)
Serpent Valley mine (mining zone) only place u can mine on the server
Ancient Bichon (job bichon)
Ancient mudwall
and many more maps added that lead to many interesting areas
The higher you go in a cave the higher xp and drops you receive

Cube System removed
Lost lands removed

Alot of new content has been added
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Dec 4, 2010
I hope you moved with the time, back at Olymp time it was easy to have players. Now you need to go extra mile, and be active. If you plan to be missing for 1-3 months at the time as before, don't even bother starting it.
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Mar 11, 2020
matter of weeks, the pvp balance is just like amazing due to alot of the pvp/pve damage is split so all can be controlled for larger balance.
would rather not have to rush by setting a deadline, we want it correct before launch so people can play without reboots 24/7 to adjust char balance
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Mar 11, 2020
few minor changes...
over 50 custom quests added
books are now in all low caves (bichon mine is not only zone)
Serpent valley cave mobs now drop spells and ghoulking added to it with sub also
drops and cash slightly adjusted in some areas

Also that i forgot to mention in main advert with the new aggro system. when in group and warrior uses defiance it pulls a large amount of the aggro allowing the other classes to get stuck in more while warrior holds mobs

Also old bosses are back in game- Dragonking for dino
Ice queen- for ice palace
Numataurus - numa ruins
Numaking - for taosung (numahill)
Evil Snake and Boarking are in stone temple also
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Mar 1, 2020
Ouuchi the real Olymp lol remembers this az the first mir3 server ..// how ur exe was protected if u are I be massive gud luck how long is the time length of the server feels like u did 10 years b4

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Dec 29, 2006
Very good impressions from beta.. i think they have got it spot on with the balance...

very excited for this...
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