Path Of Exile Delve

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LOMCN n00bie
Nov 3, 2019
Well, in the Delve expansion, so u called infinite dungeon, u will discover a vast and ever-growing dungeon referred to as the Azurite Mine, which houses rare minerals and lost treasures in the lost ages. In this sprawling cavern, the titular Azurite mineral is available in abundance, that is turned in the merchant above ground for first time upgrades for your character class that aid them on their descent. hope it helps.

The idea is great, with a few problems that could be seen from before the league even starts, like the clunkyness of the flare mechanic and darkness, especially for HC. It's kinda wierd for a game known for it's freedom and now we're bound to a mine cart avoiding the exploration since you die instantly in the dark, and the flare mechanic is just bad overall, you can't throw it and it has low duration early on, it should've been a lamp (that has a duration, but moves with you) or something similar instead of a flare.