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This wiki is designed to provide you with detailed gameplay information about the popular Korean MMORPG Legend of Mir 2.

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Game Info:


Warrior, Wizard, Taoist, Assassin, Archer


Bichon Province, Castle Gi-Ryoong, Mongchon Province, Past Bichon, Prajna Island, Seokcho Valley, Serpent Valley, Waste Lands, White Valley, Woomyon Woods South, Woomyon Woods North


Bichon Mines, Black Dragon Dungeon, Bug Cave, Dark Forest, Dragon Swamp, Forgotten City Fox Cave, Frozen Palace, Hell Pass, Ice Temple, Insect Cave, Lunar Valley, Mineral Mines, Natural Cave, Oma Cave, Oma Valley, Prajna Stone Cave, Prajna Temple, Red Carvern, Red Moon Valley, Serpent Valley Mines, Seokcho Mines, Stone Tomb, Snow Cavern, White Dragon Passage, Wooma Temple, Viper Cave, Zuma Temple


Item, Monster Database, Monster Shapes, NPC, Pet, Exp, Transform, Crafting,


Weapons, Armours, Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Helmets, Boots, Belts, Sets, Stones, Consumables, Miscellaneous, QuestItems

Server Info:


Getting Started, Account, Configuration, Tutorials Todo, FAQ


Player, Gamemaster, NPC

Assets (UnofficiaI)

Items, Monsters, NPCs. Pets, Transforms, UI, Maps, Skills, Mounts, Effects, Hair